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15+ Years of Professional Fitness Coaching

Hi, I’m Kristian Flores

and I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in NYC

Not long ago, I was dealing with several ruptured and bulging discs in the lower back and neck following a serious car accident. Additionally, I had to have two knee surgeries and was told that I would need a knee replacement – and I was only in my 30s!

Kristian Flores

I endured months of physical therapy, anti-inflammatory injections, knee drainings and medical massages. I was hobbling around on crutches and popping pain pills every few hours.

My debilitating injuries and chronic pain fueled my desire to learn everything about the human body. I scoured medical textbooks, enrolled in fitness courses and studied alongside world-class strength and conditioning coaches. This allowed me to develop a full-proof fitness approach where I assess the whole body, joint by joint, and prescribe variable exercise programs to manage limitations, avoid plateaus and maximize results.

My personally developed fitness program helped me overcome serious bodily injury, post-surgery chronic pain, opioid addiction and weight gain. I got myself into the best shape of my life!

Kristian Flores fitness coach NYC

I’ve since helped hundreds of people get into shape safely with my holistic and 100% tailored approach to fitness. No cookie cutter workouts here.

Whatever has been holding you back from becoming the best version of you, I will work with you to find a solution to get you back to your optimum health and well-being. Whether your goal is to slim down, become stronger, or simply get your life back after an injury, I’ll make sure you achieve your goals with a science-based workout program that’s custom-made just for you.

Results are GUARANTEED.

A change is coming. Are you ready for it?

Fitness that's 100% tailored to your needs

No more boring, cookie cutter workouts

When I started working with Kristian, I had an injury and some big fitness goals (as in swimming 28.5 miles around Manhattan). He helped me walk the perfect line between getting healthy and reaching big. It’s rare to get the combination of someone who really knows what they’re doing and someone who keeps you mentally and physically in the game, and he’s that trainer.

Marty M.

Kristian Flores is kind and tough at the same time. Most importantly, he is smart! He has a plan for me and my goals. He customizes each workout for me and my needs on each and every day I see him! The time flies and I no longer look like a mom of 3… I love working out without fear of injury and I love the results I am seeing.

Sharon I.

Working with Kristian burns like a b*tch but it’s the nicest thing I do for myself and it’s worth every penny. I see results immediately. I feel stronger and leaner and more in control. I not only see the results in my body: I’m happier, and that mood reflects in my career approach as well as with my family. I have a ton more energy. Kristian balances my workouts so I can’t give up and can’t get bored.

Anna G.

Kristian supports and facilitates the achievement of my goals. He listens to my specific objectives and needs and tailors my training accordingly. Training safely and avoiding injury is always his paramount concern.

Verity R.

My fitness programs are inspired by the Japanese philosophy of kaizen: striving for continuous improvement through disciplined, incremental changes.

Kristian Flores
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