Money-Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

I am 100% confident that my custom online training and nutrition programs will get you the best results. If you’ve completed the 3-month program and did not meet the goals you’ve set with me, I will send you a refund for the last 2 months of the program. To see if you are eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee, please read the full terms and conditions below.



Only first-time customers are eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee. Customers must have purchased an online fitness and nutrition program on and have fulfilled at least thirty (30) sessions during the course of the 90-day Guaranteed term. 


Improvement in performance (i.e. strength, cardiopulmonary fitness and movement / flexibility capacity) as judged by Coach Kristian Flores during the Guaranteed Term Sessions.



Upper arm, mid-thigh and waist measurements must be logged into the app once a week during the initial 90-day term for periodic assessment. 

In addition, customers must keep a daily food journal in the MyFitnessPal app, to be shared with Coach Kristian Flores for periodic assessment. 

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